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Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield
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New solar radiation shield


Solar Radiation Shield Construction for Weather Station with FORCED CONVECTION BY USING PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL

renovated and correct, equipped with 1 new solar cell of large size compared to the previous one, with new fan from PC 80x80 mm, tested and compared with Davis and screens meteorete previous


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including fan
including solar cell

solar radiation shield characteristics:
size diameter 22 cm 
height: 20 cm 
dishes: treated plastic  color: white stone

photovoltaic cell characteristics:
size 330x110x3 mm 
Voltage: 6V 
Current: 0.33 A 
Power: 2W 

features fan : 
dimensions 80x80x25 mm 
Voltage: 12V 
Current: 0,18 A


Solar Radiation Shield screen with forced ventilation for all sensors within dimensions: 160 mm x 60mm x 28mm (especially good for pce fws20, wh1080, wh3081 ws1080, WS3083,WATSON w-8681,
pcefws20-La Crosse ws2300-ws2350,) and all Oregon sensor, NETATMO sensor  
The solar radiation schield is assembled for this first course to be able to insert the sensor into its own, then closes by placing over the remaining dishes. All instruction for assembly, absolutely simple and intuitive, are explained on the instruction sheet. 
The screen is shipped assembled, however, so you must remove the plates to put your own sensor.
It is hand made and assembled by hand in our workshop
New Radiation Shield METEORETE 
forced ventilation 

(version september 2014)
handmade, corrected from previous versions with more robust dishes
The sensor is placed horizontally in the appropriate housing.
In theory it's OK for all sensors that fall within these measurements:

Length L= 160 mm
R w= 60 mm
Sthickness= 40 mm




Solar Radiation Shield
the solar cell is attached to the plate in the solar shield and is inclined at 30-35 degrees
above the insertion of the sensor in the screen weather station pce-fws20,ws1080,wh1080 and compatible



The Meteorete solar shield, you can insert sensors of different brand, just falling within the above limit measures, above is inserted sensor La Crosse WS-2300

General Information 

The solar shield is useful to have a proper temperature of the air and also repairs the hygrometer from rain and snow.
The sunscreen measures the temperature of the air, and in the place where 'installed. If I put the sunscreen in the south under the sun in an environment surrounded by walls or obstacles, and the comparison with a sunscreen shade equal place in the North from plants or walls, the temperatures can vary up to 2 or 3 degrees less in favor of the screen on the north subject to no solar
This and 'evident, since' the layers of air having a certain density are heated under the action of the solar rays is by conduction but especially for heat radiation of nearby obstacles 
see rules for stations in accordance


in detail below the fan that circulates the air inside of the screen. The fan only runs with sunny skies, in other states the sun shield acts as a passive screen.


The results are interesting: The difference between the 2 screens, equal to 'the same sensor, and' 0.4 / 0.5 degrees in favor of that of METEORETE. It should be noted that the screen METEORETE measure temperature values ​​slightly lower, when the sun begins to warm the air and therefore the fan begins to "work". In terms of the absence of the sun, the 2 screens are the same, while for temperatures below freezing and above freezing even, let's say Davis will act as a "refrigerator" and has an answer more 'slow rise in temperature of 'air. We believe that the passive Davis reaches the correct values ​​very slowly, while the screen METEORETE and 'much more sensitive to temperature changes.
see test comparation

                                                          solar Radition

                                                          installated on

for the PCE fws20,ws1080,wh1081 METEORETE the solar radiation shield is designed to attack your arm without any change to be made.