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NEW SOLAR SCREEN METEORETE PROTEC21renovated and corrected, equipped with 1 new large solar cell compared to the previous one, with new 80x80 mm PC fan, tested and compared with Davis and previous meteoric screens 

Cell firmly anchored on a display plate 

new version protec218-gennaio2015 with a solar cell of large dimensions to 6 volts, fixed on a white plate of 24 cm

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including fan 12v 80x80 mm. 
included: 1 solar cell 136x110x3 (mm.) fixed on a white plate of the screen, firmly anchored
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characteristics of the sun screen: 
dimensions of the main dish 24 cm

dimensions of the dishes diameter 22 cm 
screen height: 23 cm 
plates: plastic treated
color: white native stone

characteristics photovoltaic cell:
dimensions 136x110x3 (mm.) 
voltage: 6V 
current: 0,33 A 
power: 2W

fan characteristics:
dimensions 80x80x25 mm 
voltage: 12V 
current: 0.18 A

  Universal hand-held solar screen with forced ventilation for all the sensors included in the measurements: 

160mm x60mm x45mm (in particular it's fine for: professional touch screen weather center, ws1080-wh1080, wh3081, WS3083,WATSON w-8681,
pcefws20 - La Crosse ws2300-ws2350, all Oregon sensors and the like
 ,  Netatmo sensor


new measures in the new version

September 2018 
PLLASTIC BARS closures above the cell to protect the welds


sensors that fit in our screen

 Radiation Shield with solar cell
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In the figure, the solar cell is firmly fixed to a 30/35 degree inclined screen plate.Now in the new version with plastic nuts and plastic bar

solar screen with photovoltaic cell

New Solar Screen METEORETE 
with forced ventilation version October 2014 


correct compared to previous versions with plates of different material,native Stone White color and 80x80 mm PC fan placed at the bottom with ventilation hole, powered by 1 solar cell 136x110x3 mm.powered by 1 solar cell 136x110x3 mm.powered by 1 solar cell 136x110x3 mm. 
Cell and fan technical features

The sensor is placed horizontally in the appropriate housing.

In theory it is good for all the sensors that fall into these measures:

L = Length = 160mm 
 h = 60 mm 
S-thickness = 45 mm
For sensors with different sizes, various adaptations are possible, write to:   indicating the exact measurements


The screen is shipped anyway mounted, so you have to remove the plates to insert your sensor. All assembly instructions, absolutely simple and intuitive, are explained on the instruction sheet. 

It is handcrafted and assembled by hand in our workshop. 

The artisanal forced ventilation solar screen is compatible for pce-fws20,ws-1080 -ws1090 and all the sensors included in the measurements shown above.



solar screen meteorete
above the insertion into the sensor screen of the weather station pce-fws20 and compatible
assembly of the sun shield, you only need to replace the plates, spaced in the order shown in the description provided
In the universal meteorite screen, sensors of different brands can be inserted, as long as they fall within the limit measures indicated above,the sensor of the La Crosse ws-2300 is inserted above, below that of the oregonunder that of the oregonunder that of the oregon

solar screen mounted on the roof

General indications

The screen is useful to have a correct air temperature and also repairs the thermo-hygrometer from rain and snow.

The solar screen measures the air temperature in the place where it is installed.If I place the sun screen in the South under the sun in an environment surrounded by walls or obstacles and I compare it with a solar screen the same place in the Northin the shade of plants or walls, the temperatures can vary even 2 or 3 degrees less in favor of the north-facing screen not subjected tosolar action

This is evident, since the layers of air having a certain density are heated under theaction of the sun's rays both by conduction but above all by the radiation of the heat of the nearby obstaclesby irradiation of the heat of nearby obstaclesby irradiation of the heat of nearby obstacles

see rules for standard stations


in detail below the fan that circulates the air inside the screen. The fan of 6 V, runs only with sunny skies,

air and therefore the fan starts to "work". In the absence of sun, the 2 screens are equivalent, slow at increasing air temperature. We believe that the passive Davis reaches the correct values ​​very slowly,
davis-meteorete comparison test 

Benefits new version September 2018 
The protec 218 is a systensi between the protec 215 and the protec 216 previous versions
We have summarized the capture of solar radiation to a single cell,through a fan more sensitive to the power delivered by the cell,furthermore, the cell itself is firmly anchored in a more robust way on the sun screen with a plastic bar that better protects the welds.The screws and nuts sensitive to solar radiation have been replaced with plastic screws and nutsreplaced with plastic screws and nutsreplaced with plastic screws and nuts
for the Pce fws20 the meteor solar shield is predisposed to attack the arm without any changes to be made .. see


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