with Raspberry B +
software : weewx )

with solar radiation shield 


EUR 216,00

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including Weather Station pce-fws20
including solar radiation shield meteorete protec218
including  Raspberry B + * NEW
including "rimbalzagocce" cover on the rain gauge
including premier facilities one year + customized website



if you have a weather station: 


We propose the Nostr or  Kit Meteorete    low cost, with shipping included . The cost and 'including the station PCE fws20 PCE ITALY  ( see description ) + our solar screen meteorete craft forced ventilation (basic) + free membership to our meteorological network + our weather information premier professional free for 1 year.

Also in addition we give you a new Micro-computer: The Raspberry B +, a mini low-cost computers, designed for robotics. It 'a low-power mini-computer (max 4 Watt), not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes, it mounts a Linux operating system. Given the low consumption could be powered by photovoltaic panel


We propose to Raspberry Software: weewx amended in any template The raspberry replace your home PC, and being very low energy consumption will be able to keep 24-hour access of 24, dedicating it exclusively only to the transmission of weather data E 'obvious that' can think about using it in places without broadband coverage using the cellular network, using stick and think to feed it with a solar cell. With the supplied software: weewx, the weather data that the raspberry law by the weather station sensors, are only viewable on the web site, in the pages of your site.

Personal website :
Along with the software we give you a web space that contains the pages html of your weather data transmitted from raspberry. The HTML pages contain weather data of your station and reside on your account, in this case on the meteorete server. Me if you have your personal account on another server, you can reconfigure the weewx software to point the meto data on your site

With meteorete raspberry kits are ready to be meteorological point of reference for your area, you will be visible in our real-time maps and in our home page. You will also have a web space to customize your html pages.


Above the assembly of the kit Meteorete scheme

Weather data can be received and sent from the sensors mounted on the pole supplied, the hygrometer which is also mounted on the pole and place in our solar screen. Finally thermohygrometer depart from all the data to the control unit via radio waves. The control unit (console) is connected to the PC via a USB cord.
The station also works without connecting to a PC, the PC is used to download weather data, otherwise after a week of weather data are overwritten in the console memory (datalogger ) and above is used to send weather data to our Internet server

The hygrometer, which in fact collects the signals of the sensors, sends the data: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain amount via radio waves at 868 MHz, every 43 seconds the control unit, for a theoretical maximum distance of 100 m open field.

If the sensors are placed on the roof and the control unit is located two floors below, the radio transmission waves can 'be limited by the structure of the walls and the farmhouse itself. Therefore, in a closed structure we recommend to keep a distance between the meter and the control unit of 25-40 m.


the sun shield supplied with the kit is the meteorete protec218 :
the sun shield and 'fundamental' cause sheltering from bad weather the hygrothermal sensor and allows a correct reading of the air temperature. Our screen supplied, equipped with fan powered by photovoltaic cell, it ensures the correct temperature values.

The pce-fws20 weather station is a good weather station, low price and excellent performance, the problem 'and' devoid of a true sun screen.

Therefore, the kit offers meteorete along with weather and meteorological services to our station, our sun screen, completes the instrumentation required to become point of rferimento weather for your area

From tests done on the field, under a blazing sun, the values ​​recorded in the original gray screen finned (in the figure, the smaller one on the right) supplied to PCe weather station, are 6-7 degrees more than the insertion of the same thermohygrometer in the solar screen Meteorete see solar radiation shield meteorete protec218


On the left we can see our sun screen (vers. June 2014) applied on the pole, without any modification. The screen however you can apply it on the pole in other ways, through bands or collars purchased at a hardware store

The hygrometer is inserted into the solar screen meteorete, in each case in the package and 'always present the original gray screen with stuck the solar panel to recharge the batteries.

You can reuse the solar panel supplied, which remains attached to its original gray wrap, to recharge the batteries, using an ordinary telephone extension male femmima


In meteorete-wyse kit we added also the correction to the original rain gauge PCE, a casing to be inserted on top of the pan to avoid in the event of heavy rains the bounce of the water droplets out of the rain gauge. See deepening

the edge of the rain gauge, with the corrective, is higher than 2.7 cm than before  
Raspberry Pi, is essentially a mini low-cost computers, designed for robotics. It 'a low-power mini-computer (max 4 Watt), not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes, it mounts Linux operating system. On the Internet there are a mountain of tutorials useful to manage data from a weather station and put them on line. The idea 'was to use it to put online the weather station data in this case the PCE fws20 or ws1080. We propose the Raspberry B + weewx preconfigured with software that sends the weather data of the pce-fws20 automatically to your reference site
(Keep in mind that the Weather Station   PCE-fws20  you find on the market but without solar radiation shield because 'does not exist for this weather station, apart from a finned plastic cap that mimics the protective screen function. We give you in addition to the protective screen , included in the package, our solar screen that correctly detect the temperature and also take full advantage of our professional weather services)  
KIT METEORETE with Raspberry B +  
meteorological monitoring service c ostituito by the weather station: PCE fws20 provided with
1) software:
- weewx of micro usb x Raspberry (supplied)
2) solar  radiation shield with forced ventilation.
3) free subscription to our weather network:
You open an account on our server for manual weather reporting. Your station will be present in the station page
an account FTP for manual and automatic signaling and a web space for your custom site with 7 megs and a table mysql, low enough to display the basic pages with raspberry


Raspberry is installed on the open-source software weewx adapted utility meteorete. Above you can see the control board of meteorete, viewable in your raspberry, which allows you to manage in case of malfunction the transmission of data to your site

Below instead 'how does your web site
callable site: http: // where weather data are transmitted from the raspberry



Your site and 'also callable from
. Http://

You will also have supplied a dedicated weather page

depicting your weather data is automatic or manual. This weather page will be visible on the Internet and linked in all our real-time maps

With weewx software you can also send data to www.wunderground simultaneously,

you just have to enter your ID in the configuration wunderground

5) basic services
participating to our meteorological network , Your Station potra 'have good visibility' and help create the weather situation in real time on the whole 'Italy. Your will 'resort, tucked away in our real-time maps, and Google Maps, useful to know geographically where signals.
In the services that we offer, you will have in addition to the automatic data transfer, even a manual reporting to be done in 24 hours to complete the weather picture of your location.
Every time you refer manually you will appear on our home-page, useful to know your own weather station and your location.
Please note that our website and 'on average visited a day from about 35,000 to 100,000 individuals, this depends on the season and the expected weather conditions, therefore, be present in our home-page is to enjoy definitely a good visibility.
map in real time google maps on meteorete weather map in real time
Your weather station will be present in all maps in real time  Your station will also feature in Google Maps pointing out manually, you will appear in the home page and in the general map of Italy
meteorete supply kit 
The purchase includes the supply of homemade solar pce-fws20 + screen weather station with forced ventilation + subscription to our weather network + in addition to a package of services called Prime Minister for a term of one year .
However adherence to the Weather Network does not set any constraint in the data transmission, if you are 'unable to transmit data in both automatic and manual modes must only notify our staff through an e_mail ( see rules )
technical support
The station is installed and configured by the user himself by following our step by step manual. Our technical assistance and 'available via e_mail of 9:00 to 17:00 every day except Saturday and Sunday.
The weather station is under warranty for 24 months only to manufacturing defects
weather should join the network
requirements for installing weather station
meteorete mounting kit
manual station pce-fws20
manual kit-meteorete description
packaging through 39x39x37 pack and shipping with UPS courier until Thursday
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