Solar Radiation shield ventilated
for WH1080-SE compatible stations.
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The new PCE FWS 20N weather station (and compatible), is an excellent low cost station, it has a much improved native solar screen compared to the previous version which, however, according to our tests is not sufficient to optimize the correct reading of the temperature.

Our tests found on a sunny day a difference between the native screen and our ventilated solar screen of about 2.5 degrees more against the native screen of the Pce FWS 20 N. In summer, with the most solar radiation the values ​​are certainly greater.
(See tests and graphs below)

In addition, the screen provided is not gradual in increasing or decreasing the temperature, it is very fast and can drop or increase by 0.3 tenths of a degree after 1 minute.

If the weather station is installed in the north in the shade, there are no problems, but if it is installed where solar radiation is present all day (especially in summer), the maximum and minimum temperatures may be incorrect and with wide deviation.

We advise you to mount our artisan ventilated solar screen Protec-N20, you only need to disassemble the last 2 plates of the original screen, on the manual that is given together with the screen and describes all the assembly phases in detail.

Comparison between the 2 screens: 1. meteorete solar screen 2.pcefws 20N native solar screen
solar screen adapted with a special solar cell that makes the fan turn on sunny days

solar screen to be mounted for weather stations:
PCE FWS 20N and compatible:
Fine Offset: ws1080, ws2080
Froggit wh1080 SE, wh3000 SE, wh4000
Ambient Weather WS-2902
In practice, the screen is good for all weather stations that have an 80 mm diameter under the rain gauge where the shield is installed and with the same hole design as shown.
In particular, under the rain gauge there must be this configuration of holes;
To install the meteorite solar screen, you need to disassemble the last 2 plates of the native solar screen, simply by unscrewing the 2 screws that close the plates.

solar screen features:

plate size diameter 22 cm
total number of plates: 7
screen height: 18 cm
plate material: treated plastic
plate color: white native stone

photovoltaic cell features:

size 136x110x3 (mm.)
voltage: 6V
current: 0.33 A
power : 2W

fan characteristics:

dimensions 80x80x25 mm
voltage: 12V
current: 0.18 A

The 3 threaded bars must be screwed into the first dish (master)
The first plate (master) is then screwed under the native screen leaning on the inverted rain gauge, making the 4 holes of the plate coincide with the 4 holes of the rain gauge
the master plate that generates the frame is fixed with four screws
It is necessary to disassemble the last 2 plates of the native solar screen of the Pce Fws 20N
Then follow all the dishes, the last one of the fan
At the end everything is closed with nuts and washers.

The assembly of the screen is well described in the manual in the package
by.Sandro.Santagostini 2001/2020

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